Ads and Value

A website informed me today that I could be earning ~$900 a month if I placed ads on Web Colour Data. Thought about it, and it didn't sit well with me.

Don't get me wrong, money is important, it is necessary for many things. San Francisco housing is also very expensive (have you heard?). There is however, something to the idea of exchanging someone's time for value. Time = Money, yes but exchanges involving money are usually transparent. I give you x amount for y goods. Advertising is not like this. You are not using money from a job you choose to spend your time on for value. Instead the exchange is for a piece of information that you wouldn't otherwise seek out.

What if this is a brand that I use or respect? Could I potentially cease to use it? Respect it less?

No, I won't be signing up for an Adwords account. Nor shall I speak in absolutes in case the alternative is living on the streets. However, as a principle, eliminating the choice of how you spend your time will be my last choice for how I make a living.