Goals vs Shoulds

One thing I've realized about myself is that often I am paralysed from making progress because I'm too focussed on what other people are doing and what they think of me. Sometime this is necessary in order to be employable or to define a benchmark for yourself in the industry. What I've realized is that there's a struggle of two different voices. My goals and the 'I shoulds'.


Things that I personally want to achieve in order to have happiness and a sense of success in my life


What amazing people are doing that are amazing and what I could do to also be amazing. These are things that I think I need to do to be successful in the eyes of my peers.

The 'shoulds' will always feed into my goals indirectly. However, I shouldn't focus on what other people think I'm doing. Instead I should focus on what I want to do for myself.

This is a simple concept, but it's useful to break up what motivates your actions and define what is ultimately more important to you.